About Me

I'm Nadira Nanda Paringgusti Wijanarko, call me (simply) Nan. Bandung, Indonesia is where I was born and live. I came into this world on a certain day in the 1998 riot.

My mom had wanted to name me after one of the highest Himalayan  mountain, Nanda Devi, but she didn't after all. That'd make my name much shorter. But "Nanda" stays, and so is my passion on mountains. Don't be surprise if one day, I'll be on the list of seven-summiters :))

I love reading, writing, hiking, and arguing. I do the latest with my brothers, mostly. I'm also fond of music; I can play piano fairly well - well enough to play sonatas - and am trying my hands on guitar.

I am currently going to ITB, and will, Insya Allah, be a young but aspiring geologist (haha). Geothermal is one of my newly-found interests; and to be an expert of it, for the sake of Indonesia's, may not be a far-out notion :D

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